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Join Ali for interviews, practical advice, and radically honest discussions about food, truth, psychology and change.

May 1, 2021

The COVID behavioral health trajectory mirrors the out-of-control eating cycle. The toll of our COVID era is why many of us turned to food for the first time or eating issues returned for others. Or for others, it got worse, better, or stayed all-or-nothing.

If we can understand our COVID eating has deeper root causes than “willpower” or “discipline”, we have a genuine shot at profound and radical individual and collective change (yes please).

In this episode, Ali shares:

  • The six COVID phases, which mirrors the out-of-control eating cycle
  • How the COVID uncertainty trigger intensity and duration influenced our eating
  • How we end up being all-or-nothing with our eating
  • Beginning steps to get out of this cycle and rebuild better than before
  • Recovery ideas for your body and mind\
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