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Dec 8, 2021

We live in a world that teaches us to battle our bodies. Fight your hunger. Battle your weight. The war on mental health. This omnipresent battle narrative makes it appear natural and the only choice is to battle our bodies.

Is there another way? Yes. In fact, there are lots of other ways. 

My client Kristin Leslie joins us to discuss how challenging her self-doubt story, which included normalizing distrusting her body and voice, led to one of the peak experiences of her life in a home birth she never originally envisioned. This is a story most deeply about unlearning normal, including who you think you are. 


In this inspiring episode, we discuss:

1. How Kristin not talking until age four was a driving force in battling herself. Diets aggravated this battle but weren’t the original issue. 

2. How the media and stories about fearing birth originally influenced Kristin to assume she’d have a hospital birth (with her legs in stir-ups).

3. The three keys that enabled her to see other birth options aside from “normal” and that can serve any of us looking for more satisfying choices outside of black and white thinking.

4. How Kristin incrementally challenged her body doubt versus self-trust being one big epiphany of “this is the answer”. This was key when COVID hit and all her birth plans went side-ways.

5. Navigating that we do and don’t have control over our bodies and how we can take charge of our stories to no longer feel powerless over food. 

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