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Jan 22, 2020

Many of us monitor ourselves with food. It becomes an obsession; we monitor if we look fat. We monitor if other people are fat or thin. More scrutinization often ends in exhaustion, leading to “I know I shouldn’t but F@$# it”. In other words, more monitoring is counterproductive. 

But there is hope, and a way to break this cycle. In this episode, we will grapple with the questions of: 

  • How do we get out of this monitoring but not executing cycle? 
  • How do we rebalance our body and brain chemistry while also healing the emotional?
  • How do we not restrict, and instead, discern what is right for our physiological design?
  • How do we feel satisfied, satiated, and healthy so that we actually feel great in the skin we are in, not just resigned to a body that we’re not really comfortable in and doesn’t feel healthy because we feel like bad feminists or otherwise shamed by the body positivity movement?

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