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Mar 14, 2018

Most of today’s chronic health issues – from psoriasis to depression to Hashimoto’s –stem from an autoimmune response in an unhealthy gut. For two decades, Dr. Susan Blum has been providing relief to her patients by getting to the root of their chronic illness through a ground breaking whole body approach that with precision, addresses the physical and emotional roots of these issues. In today’s episode, I get the scoop from Dr. Blum on: The most effective testing to see if you have gut issues and how this test is also a tool to feeling relief you didn’t know was possible. This is important because not all gut issues show up in your digestive system! The nitty gritty details of gut healing, including expected timelines, when pre and probiotics make sense and how you don’t have to eat “perfect” to be able to get relief How much stress influences gut issues and how much weight you should give to stress relief in relation to dietary changes. The % will surprise you! This also lead to a discussion on Dr. Blum’s own spiritual anchors and beliefs that guide her, including her own health challenges she recently had and recovered from.