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Nov 30, 2022

How many times have you thought: why do I self-sabotage with food? If those answers haven’t gotten you very far, I have a much better question for you.

“How does my eating protect me?” is a question that will take you far and deep. To guide us with this question and path to your answers, I have the wise Sil Reynolds to talk food, protection strategies, and the root vulnerability in our stories that our food habits are trying, perhaps begging you, to pay attention to. 

In this expansive, soul food conversation, we discuss:

  • Sil’s struggle with food and her journey to heal her Motherline to find a sense of home in her body and psyche.
  • The role of the archetypal feminine and emotional attunement in our food and body image struggles, including the symbolism in emotionally eating sweet carbohydrates
  • How perfectionism is a safety strategy, not a personality type and why we keep trying to be “Good”, even when it feels so bad.
  • How body image isn’t really about the body and a powerful question to ask when you feel fat to shift your mindset by getting to the root of the issue

About Sil Reynolds

Sil brings 40 years experience to her work as a coach and a teacher: experience as a nurse practitioner, psychotherapist, workshop leader, author, and a Mothering & Daughtering coach.

She graduated from Brown University where she majored in Women’s Studies. She graduated from Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Rhythms training in dreamwork, archetypal psychology, and the art and science of listening to the wisdom of the body. Sil explains that “Marion Woodman’s work reflects a unique Jungian lineage focuses on bringing the archetypal Divine Feminine into our embodied, earthly lives. Her lineage is my lineage, it is my spiritual motherline, and it has been my lifeline during difficult times.”


Mentioned in this Episode

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Sil Reynolds