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Nov 2, 2022

“How can I stop stress eating? is a frequent question I get asked. In today’s episode, I share a more powerful question that’s necessary to ask - “What’s eating you?” - to get back in control of food. No white knuckling required.

I share my own current story work related to my burn-out that caused my body to fall apart (and keep 30 pounds of post-pregnancy weight on), answer some listener questions, and offer some client examples for you to get crystal clear on your own stress eating. 


In this solo episode, I share:

  1. The 3 phases of awareness you need to resolve your stress eating
  2. The “elephant in the room” causing your out of control and out of alignment with your goals eating
  3. The role our stories play in stress eating
  4. How story work gets misunderstood and misinterpreted, creating more tools, work, and “feeling bad for feeling bad” that leads to lackluster results.
  5. Two powerful coaching questions to get you started on resolving your stress eating today.


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