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Nov 24, 2021

Platinum-selling artist Serena Ryder had her worst fear come true when she ended up in a mental hospital. Her recent album, The Art of Falling Apart, invites listeners to join her mental wellness journey and helps us understand the importance of sitting with the uncomfortable moments and the wisdom in their messages.

In our interview together, we discuss:

  1. The importance of soul satisfaction in the art of our wellness journey
  2. How our work together was about not being so rigid with her diet and mental health tools (hint: what got us to one level of health probably won’t get us to the next level)
  3. How food was her original issue and then how alcohol and drugs got piled on top
  4. The Truce with Food story work Serena and I did together that ended her bingeing, including not having to be an “old soul” all the time
  5. The nuances of when weight loss does support your health, specifically with her endometriosis (and why she’s glad she did the Truce with Food work first on her weight loss journey)
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