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Jun 3, 2020

PMS cravings. Sleep disruption caused by perimenopause. The pain and emotional toll of endometriosis. All of these issues can be exasperated by sugar and also the reason we turn to sugar. How can we get out of this downward spiral?

In today’s episode with Fix Your Period author Nicole Jardim, we will discuss:

  • Sugar’s role in disrupting our hormones (and thus our period, thyroid and perimenopause symptoms)
  • The master “trap door” to less period and hormonal sugar cravings
  • When in your menstrual cycle you are more sensitive to sugar cravings and when you can have sugar and not feel the effects as much
  • Navigating hormonal challenges from endometriosis to perimenopause (including the emotional and soul callings)
  • The easiest tips I’ve ever heard to reduce and prevent sugar cravings caused by your hormones

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