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Feb 27, 2017

Emily McDowell, the creator of Empathy Cards and a cancer survivorherself,has been disrupting the stationery industry since 2013 with her“greeting cards for the relationships we actually have.”She has appeared onGood Morning America, NPR, NBC, and CBC News, and has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, Women’s Health, Business Insider, and ,many more. When a friend loses their job, a coworker has a death in the family, or any way a person’s lifehas just fallen apart-- you have no clue what to say, let alone do. It’s a terrible feeling that we’veall experienced. But there are real, concrete ways to help, and helping is actually easier thanmany of us think. Emily McDowell teaches us how getting out of our perfectionist ways can create more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.