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Sep 20, 2017

Many people have an image of physical therapy based on a bad experience from a friend or family member or that it’s only relevant after a major trauma like a stroke. But that’s not true! One of it’s superpowers is the ability to get to the root cause of chronic pain issues like back and neck pain.

1.In today’s episode, I sit down with my client Karen Emery, who is a physical therapist to discuss how the you can use PT in your own life.

We discuss:

1.1. The unexpected reasons you might want to see a PT instead of starting to explore your pain with an MRI or CT scan.

2.2. How your doctor might not even be aware of when to refer you to a PT and how you can be a better advocate for getting pain relief

3.3. How to access and find a phenomenal PT for you as well as movement guidelines for health and better posture