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Sep 13, 2017

It’s been six months since we caught up with my Truce with Food client Linda. We all know we can make changes for a little bit. But what does it really take to make changes that stick? Turns out it’s all about the inner world of your emotions. Last time we left off, Linda’s health goal was to get off her antidepressants and of course, maintain all her progress. Has she maintained and made progress now that she’s not in the Truce with Food program? And now off anti-depressants?

In today’s episode, we discuss:

1.1. How Linda’s dealing with stress and overwhelm without food or her antidepressants for more rewarding outcomes

2.2. How work with her emotions has become a powerful source of confidence, improved many of her relationships and has led to her taking risks with and at work.

3.3. What’s happening with Linda’s nighttime eating and why she’s not freaking out about it at all