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Aug 30, 2017

We grow up in a culture, like a fish swimming in water, that rewards those who are thin. And if you’re thin, white and blonde too? You receive access to ALL. THE. THINGS!

In today’s episode with writer, speaker and body justice advocate, Melissa Toler breaks down diet culture so we can find our way out! As Melissa shares her story, if you keep thinking there has to be more to life than trying to control your body and beauty, you can opt out of diet culture and discover more truth and beauty. Melissa and I

Melissa and I discuss:

1.1. How the wellness world is really diet culture and diet culture mirrors patriarchy

2.2. How weight loss is sold as empowerment while in truth, it does the opposite

3.3. Discuss the intersection of race with diet culture and how Melissa’s acceptance of her natural hair laid the ground work for her to give up dieting