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Aug 23, 2017

Self-care has become a buzz word and catch-all solution to anything that ails you. Marketers have pounced on this as a way for women especially to empower themselves, while making them a lot of money. But the kind of self-care that leaves you feeling replenished, not broke or indulging in wine, are rarely identified and discussed. Instead, you end up with temporarily relief yet long-term depletion of your bank account and trust in yourself if you don’t have time for your self-care routine!

In today’s episode, Melody Wilding, LMSW and coach and I discuss: 

1.1. How the most common advice to get you to buy and do self-care is to put yourself first when in actuality, you are putting yourself first in this unconscious, depleting way

1.2. Key mental shifts to diffuse life’s stress while making it more fulfilling for you and your loved ones

1.3. Some of our all natural, totally free solutions for deep self-care