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Aug 16, 2017

With so much not working in the Western medicine model as evidence of increasing illness and weight gain despite spending more money than any other country in the world, old beliefs and truths around our bodies and health are falling away. For those of us using a holistic microscope, that focus has shifted to wellness and getting to the root causes of issues to build a bridge to new, vibrant solutions. Yet, that bridge isn’t fully complete and knowing what you need, who to trust along with limited time and money to figure it out creates stress just navigating your health-care.

In today’s episode, Insatiable favorite Sera Snyder is bringing guidance to navigating this crazy mess based on her experience with a Desmoid tumor and professionally, works with health care providers to deliver more value to their patients. In today’s episode, Sera and I discuss:

1.1. The distinct and profound difference between health-insurance and health-care. And how to figure out which providers to choose within your health-insurance.

2.2. The key factors to consider when deciding whether to invest money in services not covered by insurance like lab work, a functional medicine practitioner or coaches. And also how to think about the financial investment in terms of value not cost.

3.3. The unexpected places to get the most value for your money outside of what you normally think of as health-care providers, including the number 1 factor to look for when deciding between all the options of more holistically minded healers and coaches.