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Jun 21, 2017

In talking with clients, a lot of them struggle with portions because they feel bad wasting food. Their conscious is on the right track. Today, will clarify more effective ways than stuffing yourself to reduce food waste. As Food waste is not only a hunger issue but a climate change issue.

In today’s episode, 412 Food Rescue co-founder Leah Lizarondo shares with us:

1.1. How we as individuals can truly eliminate food waste in our day to day lives (and it doesn’t involve finishing your plate)

2.2. How Leah’s organization is connecting people who are food insecure with really healthy food that would otherwise go into a landfill and theamazing results they are getting (and hopefully, coming to a city near yousoon)

3.3. The cultural issues and influences that have played to an abundant yet inefficiently distributed food supply. These statistics will shock you